Is a fully maintained operating lease, meaning every aspect of your vehicle management is taken care of by us, leaving you to focus on the business.

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LeaseMe Completely is a fully maintained operating lease, meaning every aspect of your vehicle management is taken care of by us including all the management, maintenance and reporting.

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  • Comprehensive maintenance and servicing

    Comprehensive maintenance and servicing

    Are you getting the most from your fleet maintenance?

    With LeaseMe Completely, all your servicing and repair costs are included within the lease, saving you money, time, improving your cash flow and adding extra peace of mind:

    • Minimal downtime for servicing and repairs. LeasePlan supports the Franchise Dealer Network which ensures the work will be done by fully qualified senior automotive engineers with extensive experience.
    • Online Maintenance Self Service Tool for our approved suppliers means your maintenance jobs are undertaken quickly and efficiently.
  • Courtesy vehicle

    Courtesy vehicle

    If you have an unforeseen event with one of your vehicles, a courtesy vehicle is available for 28 days for each event as part of your lease. To qualify, the vehicle will need to be off the road for at least 24 hours due to mechanical repair. If you need a courtesy vehicle because of standard servicing, simply book this in advance with the service provider.

  • Direct Driver Support

    Direct Driver Support

    Let us look after your drivers so you can look after your business

    Our Direct Driver Support includes 24/7 roadside assistance and 24/7 access to LeasePlan nationally for anything related to your Small Fleet. Our experienced Customer Service Team can help you with:

    • Glass Repair
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Accidents or Insurance Claims
    • Fuel Cards
    • Registrations
    • Road User Charges (RUC)
    • Warrant of Fitness (WOF)
    • Maintenance & Servicing
    • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
    • Rental Vehicles
    • Courtesy vehicle

    Contact them on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737) or via email at

  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) management & reporting

    FBT management & reporting

    FBT - as bad as death and taxes? It doesn't have to be...

    Our FBT tool helps you collect key driver data for Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) purposes. Each month your Small Fleet drivers receive an automated email requesting they indicate the days when the vehicle was unavailable for private use.

    The FBT system then collates the information to assist in completing the appropriate returns required by the IRD. A follow up process re-contacts and highlights those drivers who fail to complete their FBT information, saving time and improving the accuracy of your FBT data.

  • Fuel card management

    Fuel card management

    Are you getting the best deal for your fuel and fuel management?

    We provide you fuel cards with no card or transaction fees. With our fuel cards you get industry leading discounts for the entire time of your lease.

    What’s more, our online Fleet Reporting application lets you analyse and consolidate fuel efficiency for all your leased small fleet. You can quickly identify poor fuel performance, inaccurate odometer readings and unwarranted usage.

  • Kilometre variation management (Recalculation)

    Kilometre variation management (Recalculation)

    We use estimated annual kilometres to calculate each lease. In some cases, actual usage may differ from the estimate. We track kilometre estimates either when drivers refuel or when vehicles obtain a WOF or receive servicing checks. That way, we are able to identify vehicles that are travelling outside of their agreed lease terms (both high and low). You can then modify the lease to better align operating budgets with actual usage:

    • Pay no more than necessary if the vehicle is travelling less distance than planned, and avoid large adjustments at lease end if vehicles are travelling more kilometres than initially budgeted. Use recalculation adjustments to gain a true indication of the actual fleet costs, for budgeting and reporting purposes.
    • Match costs to the period in which they are incurred.
  • Monthly fleet reporting

    Monthly fleet reporting

    Our monthly reports give you easy access to the information you need for better fleet decisions and cost controls. We can send these reports to whichever email address you choose. The information itself can be viewed in Microsoft Excel or as a PDF. Choose to receive any or all of the following:

    • Fleet inventory
    • Fuel fills
    • Fuel exception
    • Vehicles due for WoF
    • Vehicles due for servicing
    • Vehicles on order
  • Optional... AnyWear coverage against extra wear and tear

    AnyWear coverage against extra wear and tear

    AnyWear cover has been designed by LeasePlan specifically for businesses with Small Fleets so that there are no surprises at the end of your lease. Plan your vehicle costs with confidence by including cover for extra wear and tear in your monthly payments. With our Anywear Cover, you pay a small amount every month on each of the new vehicles to help cover your business against extra wear and tear costs at the end. Combine 3D Coverage with AnyWear and get a discount on both.

  • Optional... LeasePlan Insurance for extra protection

    LeasePlan Insurance 

    LeasePlan Insurance is easily the best way to streamline your Small Fleet insurance and accident management needs. It makes so much sense because we know your fleet inside out, we have a proven and comprehensive accident management program, and it makes good business sense for us to help keep your fleet costs as low as possible. Ask us about including LeasePlan Insurance for your Small Fleet.

  • Road user charges and registration

    Road user charges and registration

    We will purchase vehicle registration and road user charges for you and your drivers. Registration costs are included in the cost of your lease, while your RUC costs will be passed on through monthly invoicing. Your new vehicles will also be delivered to you with a full tank of fuel.

  • Roadside Assistance

    Roadside Assistance

    We won't leave you stranded.

    Our roadside assistance team is available 24/7 around the country to help with your mobility needs. We can help you with a range of unforeseen events including flat batteries, lost/locked keys, flat tyres and if you run out of petrol we will come to the rescue.

    Contact them on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737) or via email at

  • Toll management

    Toll management

    No need for any of your drivers to pay before or after using any toll roads in New Zealand. We’ll handle the payment of all toll road usage and charge this cost through to you with our monthly invoicing.

  • Tyre management

    Tyre management

    Tired of tyres? Keep your drivers safe and your costs down - let us bear the load.

    With LeaseMe Completely we provide you with an allocated number of tyres, the number of which can be increased or decreased to suit your needs. Our tyre management service includes wheel balancing, replacement of worn tyres, puncture repairs and wheel alignment. We will replace tyres to ensure that your vehicle meets safety and legal requirements, tyres that need replacing due to damage or neglect will not be covered.

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