For Drivers

Helping you get the best out of your vehicle

Here at LeasePlan we offer a range of services that will help you and your company get on with your day and save you time whilst out on the road.



Driver Responsibilities

Comply with New Zealand Transport Regulations which require a valid and correct drivers licence, current Warrant of Fitness (or Certificate of Fitness), Registration and Road User Charges to be displayed at all times. Where LeasePlan administers registration renewals, you will be sent a replacement label.

Provide accurate odometer readings when you fill your vehicle with fuel.

Pay your fines and infringements. Ensure you pay your fines on time to avoid further penalty.

Maintain your vehicle in a roadworthy and top condition. Check your tyre pressure and tread regularly. Regularly check the condition of your wipers and clean your windscreen to assist with visibility.

Complete all maintenance & servicing as specified in the owner’s manual. During the manufacturer’s warranty period, all servicing and repairs must be carried out by an approved LeasePlan service agent. 

Top 5 Fuel Efficient Driving Tips

Drive smoothly

Aggressive driving can use as much as one-third more fuel compared to conservative driving. Avoid accelerating or braking too hard, and try to keep the steering action as smooth as possible.

Keep the tyres at the correct pressure

Correctly inflated tyres are safer and last longer, and they also reduce the amount of energy required to keep the vehicle rolling. A tyre that is under-inflated by one psi (pound per square inch) can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as three per cent.

Travel light

For every extra 45 kilograms carried in a vehicle, the fuel efficiency can drop by two per cent, so keep the boot and rear seat clear of any unnecessary items that just add weight to the vehicle.

Avoid high speeds

The faster you travel, the more wind resistance you'll encounter and the more fuel your vehicle will consume just to maintain speed. Travelling at 110km/h uses up to 25% more fuel than cruising at 90km/h. For city driving, 50km/h is the most fuel efficient speed.

Use air conditioning sparingly

Air conditioning puts added strain on the engine and uses additional fuel when operating, so limit its use to particularly hot days. On milder days, use the fan instead of air conditioning.