Real-time GPS data to help keep your drivers safe, improve your fleet’s efficiency and save you money



How Telematics works

Take the guess work out of tracking your fleet

Watch the video to find out more about how Telematics can make a difference in your fleet. 

Benefits of Telematics

Step into the future of fleet management and get access to a wide range of benefits including:

  • Know exactly where your vehicles are and where they’ve been at any point in time

  • Reduce fuel costs by best route planning, monitoring idling time and improving driver behaviour

  • Opitmise the size of your fleet by identifying underutilised vehicles

  • Access data to investigate accident causes

  • Improve the safety of your drivers with accident notifications, risk reporting and more

  • Monitor and improve driving behaviours and identify at-risk drivers


Getting started with Telematics

Your step by step guide to getting Telematics installed in your fleet

Find out what you need to consider for your business by downloading the guide below.   

Download the 'Introducing Telematics to your business' guide

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