Fleet Management Products

We can help you out with:

  • Fleet Reporting
  • FBT Management
  • Service booking
  • Daily rental and additional vehicles

LeasePlan Driver App

Our new Driver App gives Fleet Managers and drivers better control, greater visibility and easier ways to manage vehicles.

From submitting an expense claim or FBT information to finding a supplier and reporting lost or damaged fuel cards, your drivers have one easy point of contact and all the information they need on their phones and ready to use.

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Real-time GPS data to help keep your drivers safe, improve your fleet’s efficiency and save you money

The intelligent GPS data you gather in real time will enable Fleet Managers to see how their fleet is performing at an individual vehicle level and to make informed and timely decisions to keep drivers and vehicles safer.

Detailed reports and analytics, available via the online Map Site, enable you to use the data you collect to boost fleet efficiencies and performance one vehicle at a time, improve driver behaviour where appropriate and reduce fuel costs and wear & tear.

Let us guide you through every step of the onboarding process, from installation to meeting privacy provisions.

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Fleet Reporting

LeasePlan’s online Fleet Reporting gives you all of the data you need to better understand your fleet at the touch of a button.

With dynamically updated data, daily, weekly and monthly – you can log in at any time to see exactly how your fleet is performing for your business.

A visual dashboard of information will show you in an instant what you need to see. With printable graphs and data, the information can be available for any meeting or report.

Our standard and customised reports can still be automatically sent to any chosen email address and your information is transferred in complete confidentiality. Utilising an identical system for financial transactions in the banking industry your security is guaranteed.

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FBT Tool

Simple for you and your drivers - it’s accurate, timely and cost effective.

Each month, LeasePlan’s Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Tool will email your drivers a return for online completion. The FBT Tool will then collate the information received from your drivers to assist you in completing your return for the IRD.

The functionality is so easy to use. Your drivers will be more likely to report exempt days and they can easily include the details of personal contributions. The database does the administration for you and even lets you know when the FBT data is available to use.

There are automated follow up processes for those drivers who fail to provide their FBT information, which saves you time and improves the accuracy of your data.

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LeasePlan Insurance

LeasePlan Insurance

One fleet, one bill, 100% covered.

What easier way to streamline your business than letting us look after your insurance needs, as well as your fleet. It makes sense really, we know your fleet inside out. We already help your drivers with a comprehensive accident management program, and we’re actively invested in keeping your fleet costs as low as possible. We really do have you covered from every angle.

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LeasePlan AnyWear cover

Plan ahead for unexpected wear and tear

In business we’re often faced with those unpredictable ups and downs that make planning all the more challenging. By taking advantage of LeasePlan’s AnyWear cover, you can bring certainty into your vehicle costs and avoid those unexpected costs that may tip the balance.

It’s the reassurance that you need when you lease a vehicle for your business. AnyWear ensures that you won’t end up with a hefty sum to pay at the end. So now you can have certainty in both your monthly out-goings and certainty at the end of the lease.

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Fair Wear and Tear Guides

At the end of your contract, you will need to return your lease vehicle (or vehicles) to LeasePlan. All returned vehicles are then inspected and are expected to meet certain standards, known as 'Fair Wear and Tear'.

The vehicle inspection is carried out by a third party to ensure that it’s fair and unbiased. You can access a copy of the ‘Fair Wear and Tear’ guide using the links.

Car fair wear & tear guide - Download PDF >

Light commercial vehicle fair wear & tear guide - Download PDF >