What we do

Everything you need to keep your fleet humming.

Our flexible, innovative fleet solutions will ensure your business hits the road with a hum. Whether you need a fast repair or replacement, tips, advice and expertise, we're here to help.

Funding options

When you’re planning on getting your fleet up and running, there are many options to choose from, each depending on the unique needs of your business. So whether you’re gearing up your small business or looking for an affordable public sector option, we can provide you with the most appropriate vehicle funding for you. We cover:

  • Corporate business
  • 1-15 vehicles (SME)
  • Business leasing
  • Public sector vehicle leasing

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Smaller fleet?

The Big Name in Small Fleet

LeasePlan now offers organisations running small fleets the opportunity to lease the fleets they want from one of the biggest names in leasing globally.


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Fleet Management

Once your business is on the road we can help take fleet management off your shoulders.

We can help you out with:

  • Arranging repairs and replacements
  • Accident Management
  • Telematics solutions
  • Daily rental and additional vehicles

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International Fleet Services

Maintaining an efficient and cost-effective fleet can be a daunting prospect in your base country alone – but if you’re expanding your offering abroad we can assist you in meeting the challenges facing your international fleet.

We’ll help you maintain control over all matters budgetary and resourceful, while keeping drivers safe on the roads in other countries and helping to create a greener fleet.

Ask us about:

  • A greener cross-country fleet
  • Logistical considerations
  • Making the most of your budget
  • Increasing efficiency

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