Driver Responsibilities

As a LeasePlan driver, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Comply with New Zealand Transport Regulations which require a valid and correct drivers licence, current Warrant of Fitness (or Certificate of Fitness), Registration and Road User Charges to be displayed at all times. Where LeasePlan administers registration renewals, you will be sent a replacement label.
  • Provide accurate odometer readings when you fill your vehicle with fuel.
  • Pay your fines and infringements. Ensure you pay your fines on time to avoid further penalty.
  • Maintain your vehicle in a roadworthy and top condition. Check your tyre pressure and tread regularly. Regularly check the condition of your wipers and clean your windscreen to assist with visibility.
  • Complete all maintenance & servicing as specified in the owner’s manual. During the manufacturer’s warranty period, all servicing and repairs must be carried out by an approved LeasePlan service agent. 

Top 9 Fuel Efficient Driving Tips

Drive smoothly

Aggressive driving can use as much as one-third more fuel compared to conservative driving. Avoid accelerating or braking too hard, and try to keep the steering action as smooth as possible.

Tune and service the engine

A well tuned engine can improve fuel economy by up to four per cent. Change the oil regularly and follow the car manufacturer's recommendation on servicing.

Keep the tyres at the correct pressure

Correctly inflated tyres are safer and last longer, and they also reduce the amount of energy required to keep the vehicle rolling. A tyre that is under-inflated by one psi (pound per square inch) can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as three per cent.

Travel light

For every extra 45 kilograms carried in a vehicle, the fuel efficiency can drop by two per cent, so keep the boot and rear seat clear of any unnecessary items that just add weight to the vehicle.

Avoid high speeds

The faster you travel, the more wind resistance you'll encounter and the more fuel your vehicle will consume just to maintain speed. Travelling at 110km/h uses up to 25% more fuel than cruising at 90km/h. For city driving, 50km/h is the most fuel efficient speed.

Use higher gears

The higher the gear, the lower the engine speed. This can improve fuel efficiency, so use the highest gear appropriate, without causing the engine to labour at an ultra-low rpm. Automatic transmission vehicles will upshift through the gears more quickly and smoothly if the driver eases back slightly on the accelerator when the car has gathered sufficient momentum.

Conserve momentum

Think ahead when driving. For example, slow down early to let red traffic lights change to green, rather than stopping completely. Also, speed up a little before reaching the start of a hill and then allow the vehicle's momentum to carry the vehicle up the hill without working the engine harder.

Maintain the distance

Leaving a sensible distance between your car and the vehicle in front gives the driver ample time to anticipate obstacles and to brake evenly.

Use air conditioning sparingly

Air conditioning puts added strain on the engine and uses additional fuel when operating, so limit its use to particularly hot days. On milder days, use the fan instead of air conditioning.

We hope you are able to implement some of these tips when your next on the road.

Safe driving!
The LeasePlan Team

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FAQ for Drivers

Fuel Card

Q. Where is my new fuel card?
A. If you have not received your fuel card in (7-10) working days, call 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Q. What is my fuel card’s PIN?
A. You will have been sent an email containing your PIN. If this has been lost, call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737) and we’ll be able help.

Q. What do I do if my fuel card does not work?
A. Check the expiry date and the registration on the card. Also ensure that you are using the correct fuel card for the station you are at. If you still have issues call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Q. What do I do if my fuel card has been lost or stolen?
A. Immediately call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Q. I need a new fuel card, what do I need to do?
A. Simply fill out a Fuel Card request form in the LeasePlan NZ Website or call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Q. What can I purchase with my fuel card?
A. In addition to purchasing the fuel for your vehicle, check your card for other products and services approved by your Fleet Manager (like oil and car wash). If this is not shown on the card call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Q. Can I add more options to my fuel card?
A. You will need to discuss this with your company’s (internal) Fleet Manager. You can then email the approval to and a new fuel card may need to be ordered.

RUC / WoF / CoF / Registration

Q. What do I need to do if my Road User Charges label has expired?
A. It is a legal requirement that you correctly display a valid RUC label at all times. Call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737) immediately so we can send you a temporary label.

Q. How do I request a new Road User Charges label?
A. Fill out a Road User Charge Request form in the LeasePlan NZ LeasePlan Website or call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Q. What shall I do if my hubodometer is faulty?
A. Call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737) and we will fill out a RUCHO form for you.

Q. What do I do when I need a WoF or CoF inspection?
A. Call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Q. What shall I do if I have lost my registration?
A. It is a legal requirement that you correctly display a valid registration at all times. If you have lost your registration label complete the Registration request form in the LeasePlan NZ Website, or call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Break Down

Q. My vehicle is broken down, what do I need to do?
A. Call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Q. My windscreen is broken, what do I need to do?
A. Call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).


Q. I had an accident, what do I need to do?
A. If required, you should call the Emergency Service (111) in the first instance. Then at your earliest convenience call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737) to let us know about the incident. We’ll help take care of the insurance and repair and get you back on the road quickly.


Q. How can I add accessories to my vehicle?
A. Please discuss this with your company’s fleet manager.


Q. What should I do when my vehicle needs maintenance or servicing?
A. LeasePlan will send you a reminder when your vehicle is due for its scheduled servicing. Call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Q. My vehicle is off the road, I need a temporary replacement vehicle.
A. Check with the workshop your vehicle is at if a courtesy vehicle is available. If not, call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).


Q. What do I do when I need my tyres checked / replaced or my wheel aligned?
A. To find your closest approved tyre workshop call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Driver Responsibilities

Q. What am I responsible for as a driver of a LeasePlan vehicle?
A. Please check our driver responsibilities section in your LeasePlan NZ Website.

Q. How can I update my driver information?
A. You can update your driver information in the LeasePlan NZ Website, or call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737).

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

Q. How can I log into the FBT tool?
A. If your vehicle attracts FBT, you will receive monthly FBT emails, simply click on the link in this email. If you want to log in at other times, your log in details can be found in your monthly email.

Q. My password/login details don’t work, how can I log into the FBT tool?
A. Call us on 0800 LEASEPLAN (0800 532 737) and we’ll be able to help.


Q. What do I need to do when I receive an infringement notice?
A. Please pay the fine directly to the issuing authority and let LeasePlan know that you’ve paid the fine by sending us a copy of the receipt for payment to

Q. Where can I pay my infringement?
A. Please pay the fine directly to the issuing authority. The details will be on your infringement notice.

Q. How can I dispute an infringement?
A. In order to dispute an infringement, you need to request the Infringement Notice to be re-issued in your or the company’s name. Provide us the driver’s name, physical address, driver’s licence number and date of birth to

End of Lease

Q. What do I need to do to fulfil my end of the lease responsibilities?
A. When you return your vehicle, you must also return all vehicle accessories you were given at the beginning of the lease (these may include 2 sets of keys, cargo mats, roof racks etc). For more information please consult our Fair Wear and Tear guidelines.

Q. Where do I need to take my vehicle at the end of the lease?
A. If you are picking up a new vehicle then you can leave your old LeasePlan leased vehicle with the dealer you are picking your new vehicle up from.
If you are not replacing the vehicle then it can be dropped off at any Turners branch or we can help arrange a pick up from any business address (this may incur additional charges).

Q. Can I purchase my vehicle at the end of the lease?
A. Yes, you can. At LeasePlan we are obliged to obtain a fair market value for all of our vehicles. Accordingly we sell most of our vehicles through an auction process. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing your vehicle and we will advise you when and where the auction for your vehicle is and you will be able to bid on your vehicle at auction.


FBT Tool

Simple for you and your drivers - it’s accurate, timely and cost effective.

Each month, LeasePlan’s Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Tool will email your drivers a return for online completion. The FBT Tool will then collate the information received from your drivers to assist you in completing your return for the IRD.

The functionality is so easy to use. Your drivers will be more likely to report exempt days and they can easily include the details of personal contributions. The database does the administration for you and even lets you know when the FBT data is available to use.


There are automated follow up processes for those drivers who fail to provide their FBT information, which saves you time and improves the accuracy of your data.

Any modifications to your fleet information can be easily updated once we have been advised. You will have instant access to your current FBT information and up to ten years of archived data.

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