Are you a LeasePlan Driver?

As a driver of a LeasePlan vehicle you will benefit from our extensive network of suppliers across New Zealand. Our online tools are there to support your daily driving needs, and coupled with our expert advice which is available to call 24/7, we really do have your every driving need covered. Giving you time to get the job done, without having the worry of how you’re going to get there.

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Why choose LeasePlan

Our specialist staff use leading edge technology and expertise to manage your fleet efficiently and cost-effectively.

We make fleet management and driver mobility easier by letting companies focus on their core business. Whether you’re a small business or a large global operation, we have a solution that will suit your needs. From single vehicle leasing to international fleet management, and from fleet insurance to corporate sustainability programmes. It’s easier to LeasePlan.


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For Fleet Managers

LeasePlan’s fleet management means that you, the fleet manager, can rest assured that your fleet is running to the very best of its ability.

We’re here to make your life easy every day of the week. Having a fully maintained and managed fleet means that your drivers are on the road quicker and for longer each day, meaning your productivity can be at its very best - always!

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Smaller fleet?

The Big Name in Small Fleet

LeasePlan now offers organisations running small fleets the opportunity to lease the fleets they want from one of the biggest names in leasing globally.


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Benefits of Leasing

Companies want to ensure their vehicles stay on the road and fleets are run efficiently. When you lease your fleet with LeasePlan this means you can...

  • Free up cash for your business
  • Save administration time
  • Enjoy the use of provided advanced technology and programmes to consolidate costs and calculate tax benefits
  • Vehicle maintenance is taken care of
  • Fuel programmes
  • For large fleets you have the option to have your fleet lease costs transparent and fully disclosed including vehicle purchase price, residual value, interest rate and fee.

Thinking about going EV?

There’s been plenty of talk about electric vehicles, but are they right for your business? Before you make any decisions, there are some important factors to consider.

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LeasePlan Driver App

Our new Driver App gives Fleet Managers and drivers better control, greater visibility and easier ways to manage vehicles.

From submitting an expense claim or FBT information to finding a supplier and reporting lost or damaged fuel cards, your drivers have one easy point of contact and all the information they need on their phones and ready to use.

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